Central Vac Systems

BEAM Central Vacuum Systems

What is a Central Vacuum System?


A BEAM Central Vacuum System is a portable vacuum that guarantees superior indoor air quality compared to the leading upright vacuum.  Performance wise, the BEAM Central Vacuum will consistently maintain the deep cleaning power and suction that will be removing soil for many years to come.  The motor has a tested motor life of more than 10 years, so year after year it will remove 100% of the dirt and debris from every surface!

BEAM – A Name You Can Trust

For over 55 years, BEAM has created some of the most powerful and innovative central vacuum systems.  More families depend on this built-in cleaning system than any other.  Sold in more than 50 countries, this system has the industry’s best 15 year limited warranty.  Joined with Electrolux, BEAMS’s cutting edge product is globally recognized and has the best dealer support network in the industry!

Are you sure it’s running?

The BEAM Central Vacuum System is the way to go if you are tired of that loud, obnoxious noise coming from your vacuum.  Can you imagine listening to the birds chirp outside or hearing the music playing while you are vacuuming?  It’s possible with the BEAM!  The motor is located outside the living area, such as in your garage, allowing you to only hear the quiet swish of the air flow.  You never have to be afraid that you will wake your napping baby or disturb your teenager who’s studying.  Amazing!

Lightweight and Portable

Tired of lugging that vacuum weighing about 15 pounds up and down the stairs and from room to room?  With the BEAM Central Vacuum System you will no longer be a weight lifter when completing your light housekeeping duties.  Simply plug the hose into the wall and you are ready to vacuum!  There are so many features packed into this portable cleaning device such as:

  • A Lightweight Hose
  • Ergonomic Tools
  • 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool
  • Fingertip Controls
  • Only Weighs 7 Pounds

Have Allergies?

If you have allergies, get the vacuum most recommended by allergists.  The BEAM Central Vacuum System removes more pollutants (such as dirt, dust and pet dander) than the leading vacuum.  It’s time for you to leave the allergies outside and improve your indoor air quality by improving common symptoms like:

  • Nasal – 47%
  • Non-Nasal – 48%
  • Eye – 61%
  • Sleep – 44%