Central Vacuum Installation

Central Vacuum Installation


Now that you have purchased your central vacuum, it’s time to have it installed.  Our installers at Johnson Door and Central Vacuum Systems will mount tubing designed specifically for the central vacuum into the walls of your home.  This will allow 100% of the dirt, dust and allergens to be swept away from the living area of your home.  It will collect in the central power unit that is normally located in your garage, utility room or basement.

How do I use my central vacuum?

When you decide it’s time to vacuum your home, you have to activate the system.  This is simple and easy to do.  Just insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve.  There are typically three per house, depending on the size, and each is strategically placed to allow you to vacuum 65-75 square feet at a time.  The flexible hose and inlet system permit you to move freely from room to room without lugging around a heavy upright!


There are several surfaces in your house that need vacuuming, not just your floors.  How will you do that with your central vacuum?  Simply by placing the appropriate attachment to your vacuum and you are ready to go!  Use attachments such as:

·         Crevice Tool

·         Dusting Tool

·         Fabric Tool