Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation


Well, you have purchased those garage doors, now what?  What plans do you have for your garage door installation?  No worries!  Contact our professional team of installers here at Johnson Door and Central Vac Systems.  We will get your doors up and running in no time.

What will the installers do when they get here?

There are a few steps that the installers will go through during your garage door installation.  The following are the steps they will go through in a simplified manner:

·         The first thing that the installers will do is release the tension in the torsion spring.  This allows them to very carefully remove the spring before they can start working on your doors.

·         The next step that installers will take is to remove the old garage door panels.  They will start at the top of the panel and remove the hinges.  If you purchased a garage door opener, then they will remove the old one at this point.

·         If you purchased a two-car garage door, they will now need to install a reinforcing bar on the top panel.  They will do this so that your door wont’ bow in the center.  Then they will install your new garage doors.

·         Next the installers will complete the track system that your new doors will traverse.

·         The installers will finish up the job by installing the torsion rod and pulleys.

·         And lastly, they will tighten the springs.

And now, ENJOY!