Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair


Are you wishing that your garage door would open and close smoothly?  If it’s not, you should give us a call at Johnson Door and Central Vac Systems.  One of the services we provide is garage door repair.  We can help get your garage doors running smoothly again.


One of the most common items on a garage door to break is the spring.  A garage door spring is only designed for 10,000 cycles.  So, the lifecycle of your springs will depend on how often you open and close your door!

Did You Know…

There are a lot of companies who will tell you that the spring is broke along with other items.  Don’t worry!  We are not like that!  We will fix the problem and save you money when we can.

Extend the Life of Your Garage Doors

There are things that you can do to help prevent major garage door repairs.

·         Lubricate your door and its components at least a few times a year.

·         Check that the garage door is not off its tracks.

·         Make sure nothing is obstructing the path of your garage door.

·         Are all the cables intact?


There are many items that we can replace during a garage door repair call.  These are just a few of the items we can replace.

·         Garage Door Springs

·         Rollers

·         Cables

·         Hinges

·         Track Adjustment & Replacement

·         Door Weather Seals

·         Torsion Spring Conversions

·         Garage Door Openers

·         Emergency Repair Services